Is travel a novel idea?

As much as I enjoy reading, I have a short attention span for reading for pleasure, and I’m also a slow reader. I think it’s partly because I’m also a proofreader, and I can’t seem to switch that off when I’m reading.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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The evolution of grocery shopping

Today I read an article online in the British newspaper, The Guardian. Here’s the introductory section of the article:

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Hairstyle flashbacks

Anyone who searches online can probably relate to how this blog post evolved. During a recent visit to my hairdresser, our conversation turned to our hairstyles of days gone by. My hairdresser showed me a photo of her from many years ago, and commented that she was growing out her hair to that earlier style, reliving her younger years. I mentioned that my memorable photo was of my 40th birthday, in the days when my hair was permed. She was shocked that I’d ever had my hair permed, given that I have a natural wave. I just commented that it was the fashion at that time. I then decided to dig out that photo so that I could show it to her. However, just like an online search that can take you far away from your original task, I spent a good amount of time reminiscing over many photos.


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The vibrant colours of the retail seasons

Many people who know me, or who perhaps read my previous post, will know that I have an aversion to the commercialization and materialism of the Christmas season. I am well aware that retail outlets would suffer greatly if more people approached buying with my need-versus-want mentality. However, after reading that on Boxing Day police closed the exit ramp of our major highway for four hours due to the backup of traffic attempting to enter an outlet mall, I have no doubt that I’m in the minority when it comes to shopping aversion. My days of Boxing Day shopping are thankfully a vague memory.

Outside Michael Kors store - Kris Dube, The Welland Tribune

Outside Michael Kors store – Kris Dube, The Welland Tribune

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Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

On the eve of another new year, I’ve been taking time to reflect on those who have come into my life in 2018. First let me say that I am grateful that none of my family or friends have passed on. I am also grateful that I have been fortunate enough to meet people who have enhanced my life in 2018. By acknowledging people directly, I realize I run the risk of forgetting someone, so in case that does happen, I’ll apologize for that in advance. Like many people I know, memory skills are not my strong suit these days; thank goodness for my computer calendar and its reminders.


Photo by Steven VanDesande Jr on Unsplash

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‘Tis that time of year again

At the start of December, I had two close friends comment that they don’t particularly like December. One did add that the anxiety lessened as the month progressed, whereas I know that the other chooses to avoid people on Christmas Day. From my personal experience, I can vouch for the fact that many people don’t connect with the trappings of Christmas witnessed almost anywhere in December in developed countries. In Canada, the season starts commercially even earlier; the day after Halloween the candy is cleared and the Christmas merchandise takes its place.

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An evening with Chef Heidi

It’s a wise woman who buys her husband a cooking class at a prestigious cooking school as a birthday present. Given the husband enjoys cooking, he was pleased, and needless to say the wife stands to reap the benefits of his new-found skills. I was lucky enough to be his partner during the program. Rhys (a wonderful Welsh name) was an interesting young man who had a somewhat reserved, gentlemanly manner about him. It was my pleasure to partner him for the evening.


My partner, Rhys, working on our saffron pulao dish

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